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(1232) Native | Out with the old, in with the new

Native has endurd alot of ups and downs this year. From saying goodbye to their American team, to supporting Kai saunders in accomplishing two of his best videos to date, to quickly bidding farewell to Kai, and finally to premiering their new mid-length film STASIS, 2023 has been all but normal for these guys. Dispite all the dissapointments that this year brought, Native managed to release some truly special projects which will work collectively to signify a very important time not only for the brand, but for scootering as a whole. We are forever grateful for all the work they do for scootering and we are confident that they are entering this new chapter with the same passion and dedication that they have for so many years.

Featuring: Levi Knight, Alex Woodbridge, Regan Thompson, Clay Muche-Williams and Kevin Austin

Filmed by Reece Jones, Regan Thompson, Kevin Austin, Levi Knight, Clay Muche-Williams, Alex Woodbridge, Guy Perrett, Sam Bartlem, Dylan Connel, Joel Ingold and Marshall Smith

Edited by Reece Jones

Pofile wheels - Philadelphia

featuring Devin Szydlowski, Ezra Brauser, Jason Cheety, and Parrish Isaacs

filmed and produced by Parrish Isaacs

Kai Saunders - NYC

Filmed and edited by Cam Lawrence

Kai Saunders - KAI

filmed and edited by Dylan Connell


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