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(1255) Ethic | Past Months

Dante Hutchinson spent 7 days in 5 cities with Rudy Garcia and delivered the type of project we have come to expect from these two. This one affirmed everything we know and love about Dante's riding style and further cemented him in our minds as one of the best to ever do it.

Ethic took to the streets of Peru and filmed a video we will not soon forget. These guys do it right.

Richard Zelinka spent three months in California gathering footage with Antone Abramson and came home with enough for a full video. Daniel Cardenas has the pleasure of putting it together and did justice for not only Richards riding, but Antoine's filming as well. This one is special

Axel works harder than most and it shows. Hope you enjoy his most recent work, and be on the lookout for his team's coalition video in the coming weeks


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