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(185) Aztek Scooters | Logan Fuller

A true piece of Scootering history right here. Logan Fuller's new video is hands down and without a doubt one of the greatest videos the Scootering community has ever seen. Logan is one of the hardest working riders in the world, and surely one of the best as well. Logan's motivation to constantly persist and discover is truly next-level. Logan spent 2 years driving all over the U.S. to find the gnarliest and best spots he possibly could, that right there is MOTIVATION. Logan is a legend of Scootering, and this video will go down in the books for sure, an absolute masterpiece.

Absolutely perfect filming by the man, Mike Hohmann. Editing and song choice could not have been more spot on by: Olivia Monks. If you've already watched this, you should watch it again, and again. Enjoy, one of the greatest videos of all time. Congratulations Logan.


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