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Up & Coming French Squad "Tusstesteez" sent us in this video, and we're sure glad they did. This is what Scootering is all about: getting together with a group of riders to simply shred and have fun. Your level of skill doesn't matter, as long as you're having fun. Regardless of that being said, there are certainly some heavy tricks in here, but more importantly a group of dudes having a damn good time doing what they love. Keep killing it guys, and a big ups to Simon Chatriant for sending this in.

Featuring: @guy_ness_ @onefootlading @tamboy_zoo @paul.brtrd @arno.rdz @raph_coll @pdc_kun @alfredjauffret @poppers.boii @thomas_frdz @sims300cht

Film & Edit: @sims300cht


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