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(321) Brotherhood

Texas legends: Matt Ogle & Theo Kotyk have just launched their new company: @brotherscooters. Doing it right their company launch has been paired with an absolute BANGER video featuring a variety of rippers from Texas. This video and the mission of Brother Scooters is a testimate to exactly what we need in Scootering: dudes who LOVE this sport and are here to give back and help make the sport grow. This video embodies even more & showcases the true beauty of getting together with your "brothers" and just shredding to have a good time. Non-stop bangers and pure enjoyment from the guys from Texas. This video is one you do not want to miss. Be on the lookout, we sure hope Brother Scooters is going to change the game. They will have our support from Day 1 and beyond. Support Rider Owned Brands & visit:


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