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(329) Matt McKeen | The Passage

Wow... this was a joy to see. The legend: Matt McKeen is back & coming in FULL SWING with this absolute masterpiece of a production. McKeen has proved time & time again that he is not slowing down & only moving forward, truly pushing our sport to new heights. If there is an all-time Scooter hall of fame, McKeen would certainly be right at the top, it's always an absolute joy to see his footage. Support McKeen & support Hella Grip & cop his new signature T here.

Guest Riders Include: Kevin Closson Anton Abramson Andrew Haag Addison McNaughton Grant Schofield Jack Colston

Filmers Include: Anton Abramson Parrish Isaacs Jon Hamrick Jack Colston Ryan Ruegg Jonny 2B


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