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(383) WISALAGA | Malaga Trip

The Wise guys are back, and this time they visit Malaga and destroy every spot European Style! The video features all of the Wise riders such as; Nicolas, Adrien, Sten, Antoine, Martin and Jeremy. We were especially impressed by the filming of Jeremy Suchet, as Jeremy has been in scootering for a long time, first making an appearance on French ID. We love to know and see our O.G riders still shredding hard, and contributing to the sport in one way or another, so Jeremy along with all the other riders are to be commended in this way. We send our greetings to the Wise guys, and look forward to seeing more of your documented journeys. In the mean time keep up to date with the Wise team by following their Instagram.

-Filming and Editing Jeremy Suchet and Nicolas


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