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(387) Anthony Michlik | 2019

WOW....... get ready to have your mind absolutely explode by one of the most unexpected videos we have ever seen. Anthony Michlik, just came out of nowhere with one of the heaviest hitting video parts of the year. This video is filled with some of the craziest tricks we've ever seen. Although Anthony's name may not be well known throughout the scene, it's time for that to change because this was one of the GNARLIEST VIDEOS we've seen all year - pro or not. Anthony performed several tricks in this video that arguably no one in the world has done, or could do. Anthony can whip his scooter around so incredibly fast & smooth, all with great style in the streets. The future is looking BRIGHT, and it is clear Anthony will be at the top of the food chain in years to come. With better film production behind Anthony for his next video, he certainly has the capabilities to drop one of the videos of the year. Keep killing it Anthony, this video was truly mind-blowing.


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