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(390) Crew Tapes 2 - Cutru Crew

Crew Tapes Cutru Crew came through with their part on Crew Tapes featuring some heavy bangers, and some cutthroat riding. Thanks to Transition Zine, and the help of many UK riders, the UK scene is on an uphill rise at the moment, and will continue to rise. Parts like this just show what is great about the UK way of riding. The core UK style of riding is made up of wanting to get out with your mates, and have a good time with the lads, whilst mixing it up a bit with humorous antics. Cutru Crew show just how this is done, and at the same time throwing down some heavy hammers. Parts like these remind me of the Palace Skateboards video parts, showcasing parts around london, and the UK itself. Thanks for all your efforts you've put into the video part lads, and hope to see you all soon in the next video part.

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