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(397) DISSIDENCE COALITION V3 : Behind the scene : Pellaud, DiMeglio, Bouzid, McRobbie

Every year, the Dissidence Coalition goes down & probably pushes the limits of scootering further than any other event in the world. Dissidence came up with the brilliant idea of showcasing what it's like to produce each and every coalition video in their new "Behind the Scenes" coalition series. This video is incredibly well-produced and shows all of the hard-work & dedication that goes into making some of the world's craziest scootering videos with your homies. Auguste Pellaud, Lucas Di Meglio, Maxime Bouzid, & Cameron McRobbie are certainly some of the top riders in the world today & this raw video shows the work and dedication that they put in to get where they are today. This video is one you don't want to watch. A huge ups to the guys at Dissidence for putting this masterpiece together - enjoy


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