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(540) THE XMAS VIDEO 2019 by Fillen Crew

WOW, the boys from the Fillen Crew just dropped their 2019 christmas video and it is NEXT LEVEL. This masterpiece features clips from Kai Saunders, Quim Castells, Emilio Coronado, Juzzy Carter, Brian Noyes, Mike Hohmann, and many, many more of the worlds best. It is so cool to see all of these guys from different parts of the world coming together to work on a project together. The final product made it clear that they put all they had into it and had a great time doing it. This is what scootering is all about. Huge shout out to everyone involved in this video and to Quim Castells for the next level production, go show him some love on it! Hope you guys enjoy this it.


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