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(592) Benjamin Lemieux - Welcome To Trynyty

Benjamin Lemieux just dropped his long awaited "Welcome to Trynyty video and it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Ben hails from Montreal, Quebec and truly made the Canadian scene proud with this six minute masterpiece. This video showcases his beautiful style, next level technicality, and fearless mindset that sets him apart in our industry. Everyone go show Benjamin some love on this video, HE DESERVES IT! This is just the beginning for him and we cannot wait to see what he does next. Go show Clovis Boudreau, Nicolas Dionne & Kevin Turgis some love as well for all their work behind the lens. Hope you all enjoy this one.

Huge shout out to TRYNYTY as well for all that they do for our sport. Go check out the latest episode of their amazing podcast right here:


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