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Mokovel just released the fourth edition of their "Mokovel Sessions" series. Bradley Morrissey stepped out from behind the camera for this one and hit up a few parks in his local area with his good friend Antoine Baldisserri behind the lens. Bradley has been well known for quite some time as one of the best filmers in our industry, and this video showcases that he has what it takes to produce quality content in a different area of the sport that he does not often get as much recognition for. This was hands down one of the most feel-good videos of the year and everything from his trick selection, to the filming, to the music, to the goofy b-roll played a part in that. We hope to see many more projects like this from Mokovel and we cannot wait for episode five. Go show Bradley, Antoine, and Mokovel some love on this one. Enjoy.


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