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(862) TSI Presents: Grant Kleppinger

Grant Kleppinger was recently welcomed to the TSI family and he dropped this video to make this milestone in his riding career official. Grant is hands down one of the most innovative, unique, and creative riders on the planet today, and this part showcases just that. Most of the tricks in this video were impossible to name and that speaks to his passion and drive to push our sport and his riding to new heights each and every day. We are so hyped to have someone like Grant in our industry who is able to bring a whole new side of our sport to light, and in doing so hopefully inspiring an entire new generation of riders to think outside the box and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Go show Grant some love on this video, and for all that he does for scootering. Big shout out as well to Josh Babu for killing it behind the lens. Hope you all enjoy.


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