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(887) Til Next Time

Trendkill just dropped an inedible new mid-length project from Kevin O'Brien, Alex Blum, and Gabe Matson. These young Midwest shredders decided to start this project back in March as the virus was beginning to grind everything to a halt, and it is very special that they will have this amazing piece of content to look back on that will represent such a crazy time in our world. Kevin, Alex, and Gabe were able to shred spots of all shapes and sizes and managed to beautifully portray their clear love and passion for scootering, filming, and traveling with their crew in this project. We know that this is just the beginning for these guys and we cannot wait to see what they do next. Be sure to go show all of these guys some love on this masterpiece , they deserve it. Big shout out as well to Cody Welton for killing it with the photography. You can find all the photos from "Til Next Time" at @5199_photos on Instagram. Enjoy.


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