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(906) Luca Lardennois | Ethic 2020

Luca Lardennois just dropped his long awaited video part for Ethic and it is one for the ages. Luca is hands down one of the most technical, unique, and diverse riders on the planet today and this video is proof. Not many riders have the ability to execute everything from massive handrails to technical combos at a world class level, and this speaks volumes to the truly special breed of rider that Luca is. Many of the clips in this part are far too complex to fully grasp at first view, and we have found that the more you watch it, the more in awe of his riding you become. Make sure you go show him some much deserved love on this video. Special shout out as well to the legend Sebastian Prot (Roots Boy Production) for killing it with the beautiful filming and editing. Enjoy.


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