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A new company called "Sypher" has recently emerged out of the Brisbane scene and just dropped their first video project alongside Syndicate Scooters and Trendkill Collective. This video features riding from Jack Hopgood, Dylan Connell, Ethan Perry, Josh Mills, Dylan Dickson, Reece Jones, Levi Knight, Alex Woodbridge, and Clay Muche-Williams. The incredible talent that these young guns posses is combined beautifully with flawless filming and editing from Dylan Connell, making this one of the best and most unexpected video parts of the year. Everything about this video felt very intentional and did an incredible job portraying the exceptional scene in Brisbane. Go show everyone involved in this one some love. Special shout out again to Dylan Connell for spearheading it and giving it the production that it deserved. Hope you all enjoy.


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