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(989) Juzzy Carter | Tranquility

Juzzy Carter's Christmas present to the scooter community came early this year with the release of his new part "Tranquility". Juzzy has recently been filming for the promo video for his unreleased V2 signature deck, and decided to release all of the remaining footage he stacked on his old deck. It is easy to sound like a broken record when talking about Juzzy's progressive rail game, unmatched balance, and drive to film, but what else is there to say...he truly is one of a kind. This video, however, did have a slightly different feel to his others: The flowy music choice and heavy use of slow motion gave this part a more relaxed feel overall, while not taking anything away from the amplitude of tricks that were being put down. Big ups to Juzzy for putting together another incredible video, and for having such a great year all around. Shout out as well to everyone who worked hard behind the lens. Enjoy.


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