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(990) Matis Neyroud | Welcome to Blunt Pro

MATIS NEYROUD IS PRO FOR BLUNT. Matis hails from Switzerland, but has spent the last year living in Australia and filming hard for this video. Over the last few years he has taken the worldwide scene by storm, proving himself to be one of the best all around riders alive today. From his flawless manuals, to unmatched handrail precision, to some of the most unique flip combos we have ever seen, this kid is another breed and his title of pro is well deserved. Now, a whole separate writeup could be done for his ender alone, which we know you all will be watching on repeat (we sure are). But for the first few watches, attempt to take in the video as a whole, as to not let it overshadow an all around amazing part. Make sure you go show Matis lots of love on this one. We hope you all enjoy, and again, buckle up for the last trick, it catches you off guard.


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