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Hosting an Event at Your Skatepark

Due to a lack of frequent Freestyle Scootering Events in many regions worldwide, we are taking the initiative to consistently host Ride Day’s, Jam Sessions, & Contests in all regions of the world with a focus on unifying our community and simply getting riders to come together to have fun and ride.

We want to see more events worldwide; as a result, we are always open to traveling to your skatepark and hosting an event for the Scooter Riders in your region, while enabling your skatepark to profit as well. If you are interested in potentially hosting an event at your skatepark we would love to discuss more. Drop us some details and we will follow up with more details of how we can work together to unify the sport while getting your skatepark exposure.

A Few of Our Past Events

Europe Tour - Ride Days.jpg
Daniel Dhers Ride Day March 2019 Photo.j

What The Riders Are Saying

Golgotha Competition - Flyer.jpg
Rye Airfield Ride Day Flyer5.jpg

DDASC Ride Day

Holly Springs, NC


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