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OHLAY Brand | USA Ride Day Tour

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About Our USA Ride Day Tour:

Our Ride Day’s have been organized to get as many riders together as possible, all while pushing each riders personal progression. At OHLAY Brand we are here to bring the Scootering Community together around the world & are confident the best way to do so is by hosting events that do just that.

Our Ride Day's are filled with several jam sessions in different sections of each skatepark to guarentee the energy is always radiating at each event & ensure riders of any style are always having a great time. Everyone of all ages, skills levels, & style is welcomed & invited to join in on the session at all of our Ride Days. We will have hundreds of dollars of product to giveaway at each stop on the tour for anyone who is pushing their personal limits.

We do not care what level of skill you have, we care that each and every person attending any of our events have an incredible experience, and work hard to guarantee that is the case. If you live in the East Coast or the Midwest, you do not want to miss any of these events.


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Fuzion Pro Scooters is obsessed with details, from the contour of the deck to the profile of the wheels — every element is designed with the rider in mind. This is especially the case with the all new redsigned ZSeries scooters coming out this holiday season. Big things are coming so make sure you are the first to know by following Fuzion on Instagram @fuzionproscooters

We are proud to have Ethic as a Platinum Sponsor for our USA Ride Day Tour. Ethic is one of the leading Freestyle Scooter manufacturer's on the planet. Ethic puts their love, energy, & resources back into this sport to ensure it's growth at the highest level. Ethic products are versatile, strong, & aesthetically pleasing all at once. Support Ethic, for supporting the sport.

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We are proud to have The Scooter Farm as a Gold Sponsor for our USA Ride Day Tour. The Scooter Farm has been delivering quality service to their customers for years. They serve our sport with care & are always pushing Scooter Riding forward. Purchase your scooter parts from The Scooter Farm, for supporting the sport.

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