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(949) Scootfest 2020 3rd Place | Team U.K.

The raining World Cup champions came to play earning themselves 3rd place overall in this year's contest. The depth and diversity that was shown by the British team was outrageous and it translated into great scores in all three contests. Legends Jamie Hull and Jordan Clark took home silver (91.6) and bronze (91.2) in King of park, which was no surprise to anyone given their stellar performances in the past on the world stage. This, however was not all for the British, as Eden Gagliano took 13th in king of street, Jake B Smith walked away with 15th , and Meg Clark snagged a solid 10th in queen of park/street. Overall we were blown away with their performance in this year's World Cup and they should be extremely proud of the way the U.K. was represented. We know that they will be back next year stronger than ever, looking to avenge their title.

Full British Team:

Jordan Clark

Jamie Hull

Jayden Sharman

Eden Gagliano

Indy Clayson

Jake B Smith

Jordan Hall

Isiah Samms

Meg Clark

Jack Ward - OUT


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