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(433) Top 60 Scootering Videos of 2019

Today is our one year anniversary; as a result, we wanted to celebrate by shining light on the video parts of the past year that have genuinely pushed our sport to a new level. While there are hundreds of truly memorable videos that have dropped this year, we have condensed this list down to 60 videos that you truly do not want to miss.

Scootering is a subjective sport & artform; as a result, we do not claim any video on this list is better than any other. With that being said, we hand-picked our favorite 15 videos of the year (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) to present to you first, followed by links to 45 more videos you do not want to miss. Please note, every video on this list is truly incredible, and deserves to be re-lived. If you missed any of these videos, we guarentee you will be blown away after watching them. Enjoy All of the following videos are featured in our 2019 Best Scooter Trick's video on YouTube.

This video by Auguste Pellaud is one of the gnarliest Scootering videos of all time. Auguste sends it down some of the largest rails that have ever been hit & takes slams like we've never seen before. Fast-paced madness throughout the entire video. A Film By: Rudy Garcia

Byron Mitchell's welcome to Fasen is filled with countless world's firsts & tricks that NO ONE else on the planet is doing. Get ready for 3+ minutes of NON-STOP riding that truly pushes the level of our sport.

A Film By: Ryan Mochan

Juzzy's All The Way part is one of, if not, the greatest Scootering Video of all time. This video will go down as a timeless classic & a piece of Scootering history forever. You've probably already seen it, but you need to see it again.

Logan Fuller may be the most dedicated rider on the planet today. Logan stacks more footage than arguably anyone in the world, and it's not just any footage, it is truly next-level footage that pushes the limits of our sport. This 7 minute video is filled with endless handrails, drops & power by Logan. This Film by: Olivia Monks - will certainly go down in history as a timeless classic for Scootering.

This years Coalition winning video will be one to remember. While every single Coalition video this year pushed the limits of what is possible, this one certainly stood out from the pack. Voted as the winner by the riders competing, this video has to be a top favorite of the year. Jake, Tommy, Reece & Mark seriously pushed it to another level in this one.

A Film by: Ryan Ruegg

Parrish Isaacs Time's Up Grippers part is certainly one of the timeless classics that has dropped this year. This video really pioneers what is possible in many realms. Parrish's fakies, spins in both directions (on and off rails), massive kink rails, & wonderful editing style make this video part an all time great that will last the duration of time.

Jake Chatterley's Welcome to Madd Gear may have been the most suprising video of the year. Jake had been working tirelessly on this video for some time to produce this truly memorable piece. Jake's unique & powerful style shocked the entire industry when this dropped. Several world's firsts, massive gaps & some of the largest tricks we've ever seen. A Film By: Alex Parry

Derek Marr's Root Industries video was an absolute banger featuring some of the most versatile riding that has ever come from one individual rider, ever. Derek pushes the limits in all aspects: creativity, gnar, & just going huge. Quad truckdriver to fakie, 6 barspins over a megaramp, massive flip combos & lots more make this a classic that you really do not want to miss.

A Film By: Devin Szydlowski

Guifre Obradors has seriously risen out of nowhere in the past year to shock the entire industry with who may be one of the most talented riders on Earth today. Guifre's welcome to Eagle video was an absolutely shocking masterpiece that includes some of the most techincal riding to ever occur on a scooter. Guifre is able to whip his scooter around SO FAST in the streets & combine them with some of the gnarliest manual, rail & ledge lines that have ever gone down. If we had to pick and underrated video of the year, this has got to be it.

Richard Zelinka has been on a mission all year, really pushing the level to new heights. Richard's 2018 Signature Deck video is an incredibly well-rounded video that will melt your mind throughout its entirety. Richard finishes off the video with some of the gnarliest mega-ramp clips in the history of Scootering.

Maxime Bouzid, Auguste Pellaud, Lucas Di Meglio & Cameron McRobbie's coalition video was an absolute mind-melter filled with constant bangers from beginning to end. Auguste's massive rails, Lucas's versatility, Cameron's top-notch underdog performance, & Maxime's ender pair for a truly memorable video with next-level riding from beginning to end.

A Film by: Bradley Morissey

Saundezy's Native part is a timeless classic filled with truly next-level rails, manuals & style. Kai's ability to whip around the scooter with such ease & lock into 50's forever make for a video that is truly memorable. From beginning to end, this video features truly next-level riding.

Jared Colwell's Web Edit 2 is one of the gnarliest parts to ever go down. Jared worked tirelessly on creating this video full of 100% mind-blowing clips. The end result certainly payed off in a video that is absolutely incredible.

Dylan Morrison's Welcome to River part is filled with some of the gnarliest, steeziest, & most versatile riding on the planet. Dylan pushes the limits on the quarterpipes, rails, megaramp and more in this one.

While all of the previous videos feature some of the largest names in the industry, this one may not, but it certainly should not make a difference as: Guillaume Truchi, Angel Fuster, Antoine Waymel, and Thibaud Dequeker pair together to make a truly next-level video. They paired with Iris Motion Movie to make a true film & showcase documenting the beauty, craziness, & energy that goes on when sessioning with your friends. This video has SO MANY bangers from beginning to end & is certainly a video you do not want to miss.


The above videos feature our 15 top picks of the year, but there are countless more videos that are absolute must watches that have been released in the past year. They Include:

If your video is not on this list, it doesn't mean it's not great. So many incredible videos were dropped this year (a lot more than 60).

If your video's not on this list it's probably featured here amongst 430+ other quality scootering videos on our website that have dropped within the last year, more than one video part a day.

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(Note: Nick Tedrick's Welcome to Ethic Part dropped yesterday, so that is certainly an addition to the list, make sure you watch it if you haven't yet.)


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